Public Speaking & Media Training

Picture: Pippa Herbert


Speaking to a live audience can be daunting, even if you are confident in your subject. It takes preparation and practice, but thankfully much of this can be done ahead of time!

Public Speaking

At MediaLabLuxembourg we work with you to hone your speech or presentation from the written word to the delivery. We aim to align your character to the words and gestures.

We offer:

  • Speech writing / editing
  • Voice coaching (English)
  • Public Speaking training
  • Gestures – what to do with your hands?!
  • What to wear?
  • Video inserts for presentations

In many Anglophone countries, public speaking is part of the educational system, or a common optional extra.  Lisa had the opportunity to take part in many national and regional Public Speaking competitions and debates through her teenage years; gaining prizes for her teams, and individually as chairperson and main speaker.

MediaLabLuxembourg offers this public speaking service to people of all ages.  It is a future aim of the company to develop an educational arm for public speaking and offer it to the schools of Luxembourg.

Media Training

Are you going to be interviewed by a newspaper, TV or radio station?

Do you need to learn how to maximise your message concisely and confidently whilst having to react spontaneously to the questions?

MediaLabLuxembourg can brainstorm these scenarios individually, or in groups, to achieve confidence in your subject matter, and in yourself, to tackle the toughest of questioners.


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