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Media Lab Luxembourg was founded by two people who have lived on three different continents.

We have seen the need to integrate and put down our own roots in order to flourish. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is small geographically but pivotal politically, at the crossroads of European Governance and change.

In a time of global political shifts, we believe integration is key to harmonious living. But integration means different things to different people, even within one family. The story of the child moving country or the mother settling the family, will differ from a single person moving for work, or indeed the raw story of the political or war refugee.

As part of our mission as a company, we want to promote and celebrate all stories of integration through culture, innovation, business and sport. By embracing the international melange within Luxembourg, we believe everyone benefits, socially and economically.

Please contact us with your story, because it is through normal, personal stories that human connections are strengthened. Please also contact us if you help to sponsor this series!

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