Lisa & Natascha

Lisa Burke

Natascha Berndt

Straight out of Cambridge University with a double first in Natural Sciences (MSci, specialism chemistry, with maths, physics and geology), Lisa started working with Sky News in London as a presenter. Here, she covered weather, science and news for a decade. Work included domestic and foreign assignments.

During this time, Lisa also presented documentaries for Sky One, travel reports and more for RTE (diving with whale sharks, for example) and appeared on many other stations including Sky Movies, Sky Sports, Sky Sports news,  BBC 1, BBC 2 and Channel 4. Her presenting work also includes radio, conference hosting and voice-over work. Lisa is the ‘voice’ of Tango, Luxair and Rosport here in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Throughout her teenage years, Lisa competed in, and won, many national and regional Public Speaking competitions and debates; gaining prizes for her teams, and individually as chairperson and main speaker.

Lisa moved to Luxembourg in August 2015, and has the on-going opportunity to act, is a member of, and was cast in a film on her first audition, playing the wife of Julian Sands, filmed in 2016.

Writing encompasses books (children’s science), blogs, online articles, national newspapers and magazines in the U.K., Ireland, Abu Dhabi (the U.A.E.) and Luxembourg. Whilst living in Abu Dhabi (2011-2012) Lisa wrote for The National’s weekend magazine. In Luxembourg, Lisa is a contributing writer for City Savvy Luxembourg. Lisa still acts as a consultant for Dorling Kindersley on many award winning children’s science books. She also created and authored their Mini Scientist series.

Passionate about music, and growing up in Ireland until the age of ten, she attended many of her father’s Pipe Band competitions. Lisa used to play piano accordion, tin whistle, violin and piano. She continued into adulthood with piano (grade 8) and voice performance (LTCL) and has sung with choirs wherever she lived, such as the BBC Symphony Chorus, and now sings with Choeur de Chambre de Luxembourg, continuing with lessons at Conservatoire du Nord with Mariette Lentz.

After finishing her Bachelor of  Law at Georg August University in Göttingen, Natascha decided to follow a career path close to her heart – working in the media industry. She started at the Media Business School, Hamburg, graduating with an honours degree in Audio-Visual Media Business.

Natascha gained some deep insight into the media sector for a couple of years afterwards through her work as production manager for an small independent film company – producing movies for TV and cinema. She then decided to explore the – by that time just newly emerging – internet industry – where she worked directly for the CEO of one of the most acknowledged internet agencies in Germany : Elephant Seven in Hamburg

There followed a return to the more traditional media businesses – being directly responsible for the CEO of the biggest German Sports TV broadcaster – DSF/Sport 1 – in Munich, holding positions in the production and editing department of a weekly magazine, at VOX TV, part of the  RTL Group in Cologne, and eventually working for the Deputy Managing Director at SAT 1 TV in Berlin.

Having lived in the US (Washington D.C.) for some years before coming to Luxembourg, Natascha is very much aware of what it means to settle down and integrate in very different environments – a challenge that all of the diverse expat communities of Luxembourg face – at least once in their lives.